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Covering all of the Commodore 64 related expansions based on the Replay Series - and a little more.

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Introduction below - rants, comments and gibberish by mail (see at the bottom) or via this Lemon64 thread (preferred) and also via this CSDb thread.
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Originally introduced by Datel Electronics the Action Replay and its' successors Retro Replay and 1541U have become indispensable tools to the C64 community. The Action Replay hardware and it's software was cloned, localised and modified a lot throughout the years - here is the place to gather this specific historic information.

This wiki serves the purpose of documenting differences, bugs and extensions, make them available at one place and take some pieces of the software to new grounds. Other multifunction cartridges will be covered here as well, but not as extensively and mainly to exploit feature ideas or to round the overall information.

We will try to dig up all the information you may require to operate these handy cartridges and add any info whenever you have pieces to share as well. However, administration will ensure that this wiki stays mostly technical, documenting, developing and evolving hardware and software. Room for discussion is granted to registered participating users only. This is NO OPEN WIKI! Contributors are welcome and will be registered depending on their contributions and involvement on this and related projects.

Hardware should be a good starting point if you are looking for a general overview.

Software introduces you to some common gibberish on the user side.

Pokefinder is guiding you to Game Pokes.

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Expert Cartridge was for professionals - obviously.

Pokes recently added

Pokes:Star Trek - The Rebel Universe (Disc)
Company/Year:Firebird (Disc version) 1989
Effect/Status: Catastrophe Pod never explodes Verified
POKE 4324,173$10E4,$AD
Start GO -> Freezer restart
Company/Year:Firebird (Disc version) 1989
Effect/Status: Unlimited Torpedos Verified
POKE 6546,173$1992,$AD
POKE 19166,173 $4ADE,$AD
Start GO -> Freezer restart
Company/Year:Firebird (Disc version) 1989
Effect/Status: Unlimited Phaser Verified
POKE 19271,173$4B47,$AD
Start GO -> Freezer restart
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