Epyx FastLoad

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Epyx FastLoad Screenshot
Epyx FastLoad Screenshot
Technical Info
ROM 8/16 kbyte (C64/C128)
RAM None
Manual PDF: Epyx FastLoad Manual
Epyx FastLoad Manual Project64.txt
FastLoad by Epyx

FastLoad(tm) by Epyx was released in 1984 and quickly became very popular in the USA. It supplies all basic functions and speed ups a user _really_ requires and is said to be quite compatible towards original software. Makes us wonder why there are several documentations found on adding an ON/OFF switch to the cartridge. Especially since there is a software option to disable the cartridge. FastLoad was designed by Scott Nelson who also did the Vorpal utility kit, loading and protection system for Epyx. A C128 version of the Epyx FastLoad is also available. www.retroport.de notes over 650.000 sold units without a source though. Would be interesting to know the origin of that number.


  • Fast serial I/O (1541 floppy disk drives)
  • DOS wedge
  • Monitor
  • Disk and file copy
  • Basic disk editor
The Everything Book for Commodore Computers 1988 Spring EpyxFL.jpg
FastLoad Schematics
Ahoy Issue 17 1985 May Epyx.jpg



Cartridge_Speeder_all_rr.c64.org.rar contains:


Thanks to Alard Eales (BitBlaster66) for the schematics!