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Original Specs available at

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For C64 and C128

Retro Replay

PAL and NTSC models

This clone of the legendary Action Replay cartridge has been developed together with members of the active C64 scene. Technical data in detail:

  • the read $de00 bug has been fixed
  • the freeze-logik has been re-developed "from scratch" to be more secure than before
  • The buttons are of higher quality than those of the original-AR
  • the Freeze-key is digitally softened (no lockup on freeze)
  • Software-switchable IO-area, so a REU can be used at the same time
  • FlashROM programmable from plain C64
  • Two different ROMs selectedable with a jumper
  • 32K RAM and 128K ROM
  • Original standard C64 cartridge size (shipped without case/shell)
  • Expansionport on the cartridge allows conneting the SilverSurfer and the RR-NET
  • Gold plated contacts.
  • Mainboard in cool black (later revisions feature different colors). The iReplay with different skins might even become a market.

Known Problems