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Have a look at Complete version at ! not needed anymore - check the template usage for funny here :)

syntaxhighlight tag:

Below is a partial list of languages that GeSHi could highlight, with strike-through for languages no longer supported after the switch to Pygments.

Code Language
4cs 4CS
6502acme MOS 6502 (6510) ACME Cross Assembler
6502kickass MOS 6502 (6510) Kick Assembler
6502tasm MOS 6502 (6510) TASM/64TASS
68000devpac Motorola 68000 - HiSoft Devpac ST 2 Assembler
abap ABAP
actionscript ActionScript
actionscript3 ActionScript3
ada Ada
algol68 ALGOL 68
apache Apache Configuration
applescript AppleScript
apt_sources Apt sources
arm ARM Assembler
asm Assembly
asp Active Server Pages (ASP)
asymptote Asymptote
autoconf Autoconf
autohotkey AutoHotkey
autoit AutoIt
avisynth AviSynth
awk AWK
bascomavr BASCOM AVR
bash Bash
basic4gl Basic4GL
bf Brainfuck
bibtex BibTeX
blitzbasic Blitz BASIC
<s>bnf Backus–Naur Form
boo Boo
c C
c_loadrunner C Loadrunner
c_mac C (Mac)
caddcl AutoCAD DCL
cadlisp AutoLISP
cfdg CFDG
cfm ColdFusion Markup Language
chaiscript ChaiScript
cil Common Intermediate Language (CIL)
clojure Clojure
cmake CMake
cobol COBOL
coffeescript CoffeeScript
cpp C++
cpp-qt C++ (Qt toolkit)
csh C shell
csharp C#
css Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
cuesheet Cue sheet
d D
dart Dart
dcl Data Control Language
dcpu16 DCPU-16
dcs Data Conversion System
delphi Delphi
diff Diff
div DIV
dosbatch DOS batch file
dot DOT
e E
ebnf Extended Backus–Naur Form
ecmascript ECMAScript
eiffel Eiffel
email Email (mbox \ eml \ RFC format)
epc Enerscript
erlang Erlang
euphoria Euphoria
f1 Formula One
falcon Falcon
fo FO
fortran Fortran
freebasic FreeBASIC
freeswitch FreeSWITCH
fsharp Fsharp
gambas Gambas
gdb GDB
genero Genero
genie Genie
gettext gettext
glsl OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL)
gml Game Maker Language (GML)
gnuplot gnuplot
go Go
groovy Groovy
gwbasic GW-BASIC
haskell Haskell
haxe Haxe
hicest HicEst
hq9plus HQ9+
html4strict HTML
html5 HTML5
icon Icon
idl Uno IDL
ini INI
inno Inno
intercal INTERCAL
io Io
j J
java Java
java5 Java(TM) 2 Platform Standard Edition 5.0
javascript JavaScript
jquery jQuery
kixtart KiXtart
klonec Klone C
klonecpp Klone C++
kotlin Kotlin
ksh Korn shell
latex LaTeX
lb Liberty BASIC
ldif LDAP Data Interchange Format
lisp Lisp
llvm LLVM
locobasic Locomotive BASIC
logtalk Logtalk
lolcode LOLCODE
lotusformulas Formula language
lotusscript LotusScript
lscript LightWave 3D
lsl2 Linden Scripting Language
lua Lua
magiksf Magik
m68k Motorola 68000 Assembler
make make
mapbasic MapBasic
matlab MATLAB M
mirc mIRC scripting language
mmix MMIX
modula2 Modula-2
modula3 Modula-3
mpasm Microchip Assembler
mxml MXML
mysql MySQL
nagios Nagios
netrexx NetRexx
newlisp NewLISP
nsis Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS)
oberon2 Oberon-2
objc Objective-C
objeck Objeck
ocaml OCaml
ocaml-brief OCaml
octave Octave
oobas Basic
oorexx Object REXX
oracle11 Oracle 11 SQL
oracle8 Oracle 8 SQL
oxygene Oxygene
oz Oz
parasail ParaSail
parigp PARI/GP
pascal Pascal
pcre Perl Compatible Regular Expressions
per per
perl Perl
perl6 Perl 6
pf PF
php PHP
php-brief PHP (deprecated – no colors, odd framing)
pic16 PIC assembly language
pike Pike
pixelbender Pixel Bender
pli PL/I
plsql PL/SQL
postgresql PostgreSQL
povray Persistence of Vision Raytracer
powerbuilder PowerBuilder
powershell Windows PowerShell
proftpd ProFTPD
progress OpenEdge Advanced Business Language
prolog Prolog
properties Properties file
providex ProvideX
purebasic PureBasic
pycon Python
pys60 PyS60
<code>q</code> Q
<code>qbasic QBasic/QuickBASIC
rails Rails
rebol Rebol
reg Windows Registry
rexx Rexx
robots robots.txt
rpmspec RPM Spec files
rsplus R
ruby Ruby
sas SAS
scala Scala
scheme Scheme
Shell Script
scilab Scilab
sdlbasic SdlBasic
smalltalk Smalltalk
smarty Smarty
spark SPARK
sparql SPARQL
sql SQL
stonescript StoneScript (Scripting language for ShiVa3D)
systemverilog SystemVerilog
tcsh Tcsh
tcl Tcl
teraterm Tera Term
text Plain text
thinbasic thinBasic
ts TypeScript
tsql Transact-SQL
typoscript TypoScript
unicon Unicon
upc Unified Parallel C
urbi URBI
uscript UnrealScript
vala Vala
vb Visual Basic
vbnet Visual Basic .NET
vedit VEDIT
verilog Verilog
vhdl VHDL
vim Vim script
visualfoxpro Visual FoxPro
visualprolog Visual Prolog
whitespace Whitespace
whois Whois
winbatch Winbatch
xml XML
xorg_conf Xorg.conf
yaml YAML
xpp Microsoft Dynamics AX
z80 ZiLOG Z80 Assembler
zxbasic ZXBasic


For file uploads:

== {{int:filedesc}} ==
[[Category:Hardware Gallery]]

For Pokes:

|Addr1=dec addr
|Sys= 0=Freezer GO - 1=RUN - 2=SYS

Company/Year:Virgin 1988
Effect/Status: Lives-Cheat Untested
POKE 4096,173$1000,$AD
POKE 4097,174 $1001,$AE
Start RUN

L8r: fix auto Pokes with company and year info from and other sources.



Test Infobox
Caption for example.png
Header defined alone
Data defined alone
All three defined (header)
Label and data defined (label) Label and data defined (data)
Below text


|name         = Infobox/doc
|bodystyle    = 
|title        = Test Infobox
|titlestyle   = 

|image        = [[File:example.png|200px|alt=Example alt text]]
|imagestyle   = 
|caption      = Caption for example.png
|captionstyle = 
|headerstyle  = background:#ccf;
|labelstyle   = background:#ddf;
|datastyle    = 

|header1 = Header defined alone
|label1  = 
|data1   = 
|header2 = 
|label2  = Label defined alone
|data2   = 
|header3 =
|label3  = 
|data3   = Data defined alone
|header4 = All three defined (header)
|label4  = All three defined (label)
|data4   = All three defined (data)
|header5 =
|label5  = Label and data defined (label)
|data5   = Label and data defined (data)

|belowstyle = background:#ddf;
|below = Below text

Notice how when a label is defined without an accompanying data cell the row doesn't appear in the displayed infobox, and when a header is defined on the same row as a data cell the header takes precedence.

For this example, bodystyle = width:20em; and labelstyle = width:33%;

Test Infobox
Label 1 Data 1
Label 2 Data 2
Label 3 Data 3
Header 4
Label 5 Data 5: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.
Below text
|bodystyle   = width:20em;
|name        = Infobox/doc
|title       = Test Infobox
|titlestyle  = 
|headerstyle = 
|labelstyle  = width:33%
|datastyle   = 

|header1 = 
|label1  = Label 1
|data1   = Data 1
|header2 = 
|label2  = Label 2
|data2   = Data 2
|header3 = 
|label3  = Label 3
|data3   = Data 3
|header4 = Header 4
|label4  = 
|data4   = 
|header5 = 
|label5  = Label 5
|data5   = Data 5: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

|belowstyle = 
|below = Below text

{{columns |bgcol=beige |width=8.5em |gap=3.25em

|col1 =
* These
* columns
* are
* more
* complex

|col2 =

|col3 =
; Each : column
; is   : 8.5 Em (typography)
; wide

|col4 =
!colspan="2"{{!}} and
{{!}} the {{!!}} gap
{{!}}colspan="2"{{!}} between
{{!}} each {{!!}} is
!colspan="2" align="center"{{!}} 3.25em
  • These
  • columns
  • are
  • more
  • complex


8.5 Em (typography)
the gap
each is

Featured Content
Christmas tree
Christmas is coming!
December 24th/25th soon! Get new hardware in time!
|name         = Infobox/doc
|bodystyle    = 
|title        = Featured Content
|titlestyle   = 

|image        = [[File:Contraption.jpg|280px|alt=Christmas tree]]
|imagestyle   = 
|caption      = Christmas is coming!
|captionstyle = 
|headerstyle  = background:#ccf;
|labelstyle   = background:#ddf;
|datastyle    = 

|belowstyle = background:#ddf;
|below = December 24th/25th soon! Get new hardware in time!

Archive Uploads

All archives for cartridge distribution should be uploaded as ZIP files unless they were packaged by the original site or author in a different way and is not to be changed. Archives created by and for the wiki shall be named as:



Additionally please add a file named: containing:

Additional information regarding the contents of this archive may be found at


Recent VICE issues on cartridges:

  • StarDOS file copier produces corrupt files (pal/ntsc issue?)
  • StarDOS disk cope just READY. crashes
  • Freeze Machine LOAD"FILE",8,1 issue
  • Snapshot64 crash on F1, F3, F5 ?

Recent general VICE issue:

  • normal compile doesnt pass on 10.04 fresh install
  • gif media saving missing