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The text below was found on the Super Explode V5.0 Utility Disk (as SEQ files):

     first...thankyou for buying explode! you will find explode! very use-
     ful for every day computing... and for those times where your comput-
     ing is not every day.

                  how to use bootle with other programs

     bootle is a custom boot creator. bootle can auto boot (1) hi-res and
     display that hi-res screen! (2) boot a machine language program **
     you must know the jump address ** (3) boot a basic program with a
     built in run feature ** a basic program must be the last file your
     booting ** (4) or can boot and run up to 4 programs at once... with a
     hi-res display!
     load bootle from the disk directory ( yes we know it's in the main
     menu... if you load bootle from the menu you will have to reset and
     type sys 2061 ) otherwise load from directory and type run and return

     (1) hi-res... if you have used explode! to (capture) a hi-res game
     screen and would like to recombine the screen with the isepic (TM),
     snapshot (TM), capture (TM) or anyother breaking utilitys resulting
     programs.... than do the following... load and run bootle. follow the
     instuction screens. when asked if you would like a pic boot answer
     yes. note.. you must know what type of hi-res your booting ie. doodle
     koala or generic type. you will be asked for a name... you may enter
     up to 15 characters and return. you will next be asked for the file
     name to be booted (your hi-res file) you can call the file anything
     you like but.... it must be less than 8 characters in length ie.

         [ your pic(.a)] ** you must rename the pic file your using to
     conform to your selected name [ your pic ] you can use the disk wedge
     built into explode! to change the file name... ** the syntax for
     using the wedge is as follows... >r:new name=old name followed with a
     return. please consult your disk drive manual for other wedge
     commands such as copy,scratch etc.
     you will next be asked what type of hi-res file you will be
     displaying ie. koala, doodle, generic etc. you will select one from
     the bootle menu.
     ** you must have a blank formatted disk ready to save all the bootle
     created boots to... it is recommended that these boots be the first
     files on the disk directory. **
     next you will be asked for the name of the boot bootle will create to
     boot your broken game or utility with. you can enter up to 8
     characters. ** use the boot your breaking utility created ie. isepic,
     shapshot, etc. you will have to rename the boot to conform to the one
     you've selected during it's creation. ** see example below.(original)

        1 isepic boot
      169 -isepic boot
     --------------------how bootle treated disk will look----------------
        1 bootle boot ( your selected name )
        2 .your pic boot.a ( same as above )
       40 .your pic boot.b (a koala type ie. 40 blocks you renamed )
        1 .isepic boot.a ( your selected name )
        1 .isepic boot.b   (note renamed isepic boot)
      169 -isepic boot ( original isepic name )

     although the above looks difficult... it really is not. once you've
     run bootle and used it. ** we suggest you run a practice disk before
     jumping into your first program. **

     we hope you like and use bootle...

     returning to the main menu.....