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StarDOS Screenshot
StarDOS Screenshot
Technical Info
ROM 16 kbyte
RAM None
Hardware features 1 Button Freeze
Manual PDF: StarDOS Manual
StarDOS sold by StarPoint Software who also distributed ISEPIC is actually a Kernal ROM replacement in cartridge format. StarDOS was designed by Bryce Nesbitt, Bruce Q.Hammond and Scott M. Blum and became more or less well known. It was however for a long time not on the net or emulated. As a special convenience the customer was asked for the powerup message and his preferred color setup when ordering the cartridge. Wether StarDOS cartridges with personalised ROM were actually shipped is not sure.

The manual states a copyright of 1986 while adverts from 1985 might hint for several ROM or at least manual versions.

StarDOS Advert
StarDOS Advert


  • Fast serial I/O for all disk operations
  • DOS wedge
  • Function key setup
  • Monitor
  • Disk and file copier
  • Texteditor

Binaries contains: