Power Cartridge Dumper

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Note: A ready to run version including source is available here: Power_Cartridge_Dumper_v1.rar

This is a quick and dirty hack to dump a Power Cartridge by KCS. Works on 1985 and 1989 versions and copies the ROM content from $8000 - $C000 to RAM at $2000 - $6000.


  • Start with Power Cartridge installed
  • enter MONITOR
  • type in the program below
A0900   SEI
A0901   LDA #$32
A0903   STA $DE80
A0906   LDA #$00
A0908   STA $FC
A090a   STA $FE
A090c   LDA #$80
A090e   STA $FD
A0910   LDA #$20
A0912   STA $FF
A0914   LDY #$00
A0916   LDA ($FC),Y
A0918   STA ($FE),Y
A091a   INY
A091b   BNE $0916
A091d   INC $D020
A0920   INC $FD
A0922   INC $FF
A0924   LDA $FD
A0926   CMP #$C0
A0928   BNE $0914
A092a   BIT $DE00
A092d   CLI
A092e   RTS
  • enter G 0900 in monitor mode
  • after a few screen flashings you can enter S"KCS",08,2000,6000 to save the ROM

Thx to Erik de Keijzer for testing and fixing the loop (*blush*).