Power Cartridge

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Power Cartridge Screenshots
Power Cartridge Screenshots
Technical Info
ROM 16 kbyte
RAM 128 byte
Hardware features 1 Button Freeze
Manual PDF: 42 pages - includes all necessary info
Control Registers $FFF7 - any RW access disables Cart at $E000 and leaves Ultimax
  $FFF8 - any RW access enables Cart at $E000 and enters Ultimax
  The registers are enabled by the cartridge button and are disabled on reset only

Power Cartridge by K.C.S. (Kolff Computer Supplies BV) became available in Europe in the middle of 1986. Interestingly there were several companies distributing it such as BDL and

Power Cartridge from top

Power Cartridge Advert 10/1986
Power Cartridge Advert
Your Commodore 25, 10/1986
Power Cartridge Advert 12/1991
Power Cartridge Advert
Zzap!64 Issue 79, 12/1991



  • English PDF Manual Scan


Power_Cartridge_KCS_binaries_rr.c64.org_2010-03.rar contains just the C64 binaries:

Power_Cartridge_KCS_all_rr.c64.org_2010-03.rar contains: