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Please support this wiki and the C64 community by supplying us with information in form of photos, rom dumps and anything else you may find. In case of troubles creating e.g. a rom dumps of a cartridge or kernel we will be glad to help you out somehow.

The wiki will sooner or later contain articles about dumping ROMs as well.


If you own one of these but cannot dump them just contact us!

Action Replay

  • ANY ROM dump not on the archive - especially verified MK1 and MK2 dumps
  • ANY scanned manual - the ones online are (except for maybe the italian) in exceptionally bad quality
  • ANY missing Extensions
  • ANY missing software using the cartridge RAM
  • DISKMATE ROM dumps - as it seems that MK3 merged with Diskmate to become MK4


  • Capture V1.0 ROM dump
  • Capture schematics
    • Any Capture software that came with the cartridge. We don't even know if there was a disk supplied.
    • Any "load-execute" plugin programs.

Expert Cartridge

  • English PDF Manual Scan (especially of a 2.x manual)
  • Any missing Trilogic Disk releases and any missing custom hacks


  • ISEPIC schematics

Final Cartridge

  • English PDF Manual Scans of FC1, FC2 and FC+ booklets
  • more ROM dumps not on the collection, especially of FC2 and THE ICE MACHINE

Freeze Frame/Freeze Machine

  • FF MK1 more ROM dump versions
  • FF MK2 ROM dumps
  • FF MK3 ROM dumps
  • FF MK3B ROM dumps
  • FF MK4 ROM dumps
  • PDF Manual Scans of any of the cartridges
  • F.F. Utility Disk V1.0 and V3.0
  • Freeze Frame schematics (MK3 and FM are on the archives. MK1/2 is still missing.)

Magic Formel

  • Formel 64 ROM Dump
  • Formel 64 PDF Manual Scan

Nordic Power

  • Action Gear ROM dump
  • Expansion disk images
  • Manual scans
  • Box fotos

Power Cartridge

  • Power Cartridge (KCS) English PDF Manual Scan
  • high resolution board pictures and/or schematic (emulation is still incomplete and based on guesswork)

Super Snapshot

  • More Codebuster ROM Dumps (for comparison)
  • More Super Snapshot64 ROM Dumps (for comparison)
  • More Super Snapshot64 v2.0 ROM Dumps (for comparison)
  • More Super Snapshot v3.0 ROM Dumps (for comparison)
  • More Super Snapshot v4.0 ROM Dumps (for comparison)
  • More Super Snapshot v5.0 ROM Dumps (for comparison)
  • More info, schematics and utility programs especially for Super Snapshot64 up until pre-Super Snapshot v5.0
  • Super Snapshot Slideshow Creator software

Kernal ROMs


Cartridge Speeder

Super Explode

  • Super Explode! v3 ROM Dumps
  • Super Explode! v4 ROM Dumps
  • Super Explode! Disks


  • MACH 5 v1 (?) .bin
  • MACH 128 Manual