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Software on this wiki is mainly describing, presenting and sorting out existing and future software related to the Replay hardware series. The software required to operate the various other cartridges or ROM dumps of those cartridges is linked up on the respective articles. There is about no development for cartridge bases other than the replay series so it currently does not make much sense to treat them especially. The software, ROMs and additional material is here for historic and archival purposes only.

Action Replay

is gathering all the Action Replay ROM versions, related software, extension API, articles on bugs, tips, etc. etc.

CyberpunX Replay

apart from current information more is planned here.

The Final Replay

Grahams' awesome work sure deserves its' place on this wiki.

Related Homebrew

is aiming to list all currently available software using the replay hardware base and possibly (unlike currently) make this a category - not a link dump. :)


guides you to everything for Capture, Expert Cartridge, Final Cartridge, Power Cartridge and quite some more.