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File:Magic Formel.gif
Magic Formel 2 Screenshots
Technical Info
ROM 32 kbyte Formel 64

64 kbyte Magic Formel 1.2

96 kbyte Magic Formel 2.0
RAM 8 kbyte
Hardware features 1 Button Freeze

1 Button Reset

Formel 64 without Reset but Parallel cable instead
Manual PDF: 11 pages - includes all necessary info
PNG: 1 page - v1.1 Upgrade Note
Programming See Tech Section

Magic Formel (say "ice-pick") is an extraordinary hardware and software combination that is capable of copying virtually all memory-resident software regardless of the original protection scheme or storage medium are the first few words on the manual.


The following is shamelessly ripped from magicformel.c from the VICE emulator. Most of the text was written by Groepaz:

required to use operations such as run, edit and break program with the system software.

(TODO: Outline the memory fill routine. IseMON is detecting free bytes and shows them inverted by some obscure algorithm.)

Formel 64 Adverts
File:Formel 64 Ad.png


  • The review on Ahoy! Magazine Issue 22 (October 1985) and Ahoy! Magazine Issue 27 (March 1986) are warning the readers and users of cartridges such as the ISEPIC to utilise them for making illigitimate backups.


  • Magic Formel 1.1 ROM Dump


Magic_Formel_binaries_rr.c64.org_2010-04.rar contains just the c64 binaries:

  • Starpoints standard ISEPIC program which includes all the functionality (operating system and tools)

Magic_Formel_all_rr.c64.org_2010-04.rar contains:

  • all of the above


  • Interesting effects can be seen on failed freezes: