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The Settings Menu
Loading files
Hacking Http-Load


Http-Load is a kind of fastloader for your c64. The most important difference to other speeders is that it doesn't load programs from a floppy but a webserver. HttpLoad needs a Retro Replay and a RRNet to work.


Http-Load is distributed as a ".bin" file. This is a rom image for the Retro Replay. Use the flasher shipped with your card to transfer it.

The Settings Menu

A reset takes you to the settings menu. Enter your network config here.
Please note that your changes are only kept in the Retro Replay's ram. They will survive a reset, but will be gone after power-off.

image of the settings menu

At the bottom of the screen are 2 buttons: "Accept settings" and "Reset to defaults". Move the cursor to one of them. The button will turn white and blinks. Press Space or Return to hit the button. "Accept settings" confirms your entries and leaves the menu. "Reset to defaults" restores the values for each input field which are shown in the "default" lines.

Use these keys to edit the settings:

Home Go to the leftmost position of the current input field
Clr Clear the current input field
Stop Restores old value
Inst/Del Insert Space / Delete one char
Crsr Keys Move Cursor (also between fields)
, Move one field to the left
. Move one field to the right
0-9 Valid input for IP fields
0-9 and A-F Valid input for the Mac field
Space or Return Hit a button

another image of the settings menu

... blah

one last image of the settings menu

Input errors are shown in red. You can't leave the settings menu if there are one or more errors left.

Loading files

Image of an example load command

The "Accept Settings" Buttons takes you to the basic prompt. Now HttpLoad checks for the RRNet. The message "found crystal chip revision xyz" means: RRNet was successfully detected and initialized.

If you see "no rrnet found" instead, someting went wrong. Please turn off the computer and check if your RRNet is connected properly to the RetroReplay.

Device 32 is now assigned to Http-Load. Place the server name and complete path of the url in the filename.

load "www.beerforbaccy.urg/games/jumpman",32

load "myLocalServer/petsciipron",32

load "",32

Please note that the files on the webserver have to be plain C64 files. No emulator format like P00 or D64 is supported.


older releases

Hacking Http-Load

Coming soon...


Scare Bear's Ethernet Experiments

Some docs and example sources for the RRNet ethernet adapter.


A modular expandable solution to access floppy disks with the catweasel controller.


Flash some CRT files to your retro replay.

The (minus) Dreams

Rather a nightmare... ;)


Did you find a bug? Please send me a mail with a short description of what went wrong.