Welcome to Baccy's Ethernet Experiments

On this page you'll find some prgs, sources and docs for my latest toy: the c64 ethernet adapter (etha).
Maybe DreamAss will be handy to compile the sources. Get it *here*.



My first try to communicate with the etha.

TFTP Client

TFTP is a simple variation of FTP. It has no users or passwords, just file get and put. I sticked to get for now.

Some quick docs:
I assume a TFTP server waiting at port 69 on your PC. First configure the C64's mac address and ip address. The mac adr is specified by a string with exactly 6 chars, like "pooper", "macadr" or "k2D'%#". I'll use "dreams" for philosophic reasons. :)
To configure your C64 with the mac adr "dreams" and the ip type:

sys 49152,"dreams",192,168,0,2

Now type

sys 49158,"hero",192,168,0,1

to load the file "hero" from the tftp server . The server must be in the same subnet as your C64. Lazy me did not take care of routers yet (but Switches work).

Note that this prg is bloated, slow and not very useful - in other words: my first try with the card (just leave out the stupid flasher ;).


Http load

Please note: Http load is way out of date. Please go here and look for Http-Load 2.

Http load is a rom image for your Retro Replay. Use it to download games, demos, mags and interesting adult pictures from the web directly to your C64. Please note: it does not work on Vice/WinPCap right now, use a real machine! }:~>


You will need DreamAss to build the rom. Get it here. UnBZip the archive, run 'make' and you will get the file 'http64.bin'. This is the rom image for your RR. Use the flasher shipped with the cart to transfer it.

Some short docs:

short docs


I started some doc-like text describing the rr-net, but it's far from completion. More will follow... maybe. ;)



Did you find a bug? Please send me a mail with a short description of what went wrong.